Wednesday, March 11, 2009


In the movie They Came From Upstairs we are going to meet an alien race called the Zirkonians. Here the different members of the alien team that intends to take over the house before invading Earth:

Sparks: 204 years old (Earth age equivalent: 21), Geeky, tech savvy Sparks is the kindest - and the most excitable - member of the group. Sparks want the rest of the team to like him, but this is a challenge, because - as some Zirkonians say - a brainy, considerate, and peaceful Zirkonian is hardly a Zirkonian at all!.
Skip: 478 years old (Earth age equivalent: 48), Skip may not be large but he's certainly in charge - even when things don't go his way. He's continually frustrated with his team, and he's not afraid to knock them around, especially brainy little Sparks. Work - taking over the Earth, that is - means everything to him which makes it even more frustrating for him when things go wrong.
Assassin: 238 years old (Earth age equivalent: 24), is the muscle in the alien team, but he leaves the brainy work to the others. He's confident and quick and has occasionally been known to go headfirst through a wall, not realizing that it might actually hurt. But that doesn't mean he isn't two and half feet of trouble for the Earthlings he has been assigned to conquer.
Razor: 218 years old (Earth age equivalent: 23), she is a one-woman powerhouse, brains and brawn all in one feisty package. She's annoyed when missions don't go well - because she knows that if she's on her own, she'd already be done. Her eyes are always on the prize - the planet to be conquered - and won't be stopped by anyone who gets in her way.

We can afraid of those Zirkonian, sort of afraid... But I'm sure the mighty kids will vanquish those alien invaders!